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The Way Of The Peaceful Warrior-Teach What You Do!

The Way Of The Peaceful Warrior-Teach What You Do!

The Way Of The Peaceful Warrior 2

Dan was talking with Socrates about what
he was going to do in the future; after he
had graduated college.

Socrates told Dan, “Respect others.  Give
them what they want at first and, perhaps
eventually, a few of them will want what
you want to give them.”

That makes perfect sense to me.  “Give
them what they want….and eventually….”

We attended a meeting at a friend’s house
about three weeks ago.  The meeting was about
a new health product called ASEA.

I’m the kind of guy that wants results from a
health product and if there is money to be
made with the product, that’s ok too!

That’s why I love Network Marketing.  Seems
they always have great products and are
marketing through relationship marketing.

From the book, Socrates told Dan another story:

“A mother brought her young son to Mahatma
Gandhi.  She begged, ”Please, Mahatma.  Tell
my son to stop eating sugar.”

Gandhi paused, then said, “Bring your son back
in two weeks.”  Puzzled, the woman thanked him
and said that she would o as he had asked.

Two weeks later, she returned with her son.
Gandhi looked the youngster in the eye and said,
“Stop eating sugar.”

Grateful but bewildered, the woman asked,
“Why did you tell me to bring him back in two
weeks?  You could have told him the same thing

Gandhi replied, “Two weeks ago, I was eating sugar.””

That’s why I listened to Jack and Sherri when they
invited us over.  They are also product people and
Jack had been on ASEA for about 6 weeks.

Jack had suffered lots of pain and agony after his
prostate cancer Proton treatments.  Yes the cancer
was gone but the pain he was suffering because
of the treatments was almost unbearable.

Jack had tried ASEA and was now “pain free” ,
walking without a cane and with his head held high.

Jack had done as Gandhi said, “Before I was in pain”.

I cannot tell you about a product that has not worked
on me.

Well, Diane and I have been on the product for two
weeks now and Diane said to me today, “I don’t want
to be too early saying this, but I think the ASEA is helping

WOW! I was glad to hear that.

Diane has had many health issues for a long time now and
to hear that ASEA was working, was music to my ears.

We’ve tried so many products, potions and lotions with
near zero results and NOW we’re seeing results.

Well, it’s still early but we’re hooked.

So,,, If you’re looking for something that works AND
provides a good source of income as well.

Take a look at what we have. I think you’ll see results

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Jerry and Diane