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Step Four of FIVE to Making Your Dreams Come True


Over the last three days we discussed the first THREE steps
to making your dreams come true….
Day 1 “Doing things you don’t like doing, to do
things you dream of doing….”
Day 2 “Caution the arrogance of CONTROL..”
Day 3 “When under pressure, be the 3rd person.”

Now for step #4…

Learn to LAUGH under pressure.

Now that sounds strange doesn’t it….

Remember what we said… Pressures will come….

So….how do we avoid getting tangled in all the webs
of confusion, lack and unknowing??

We Laugh…

Proverbs tells us:

“ A cheerful disposition is good for your health;
    gloom and doom leave you bone-tired.”

AND we need energy to get that achievement….

To make our dreams come true!

Energy to do what needs to be done.

So…just take some time away…

Get your head straight…

Think about something else…

THEN….. the thought will come…




And you’re off again …

On the right path to get things accomplished.

SO…today may be the day…

Just LAUGH!!!

And your dreams will come true.


Jerry and Diane

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Step TWO of FIVE to Making Your Dreams Come True

tagxedo plans fail

Good morning….

Yesterday we discussed step ONE …
“Doing things you don’t like doing, to do
things you dream of doing….”

Now for step #2…

“Caution the arrogance of CONTROL.”

Now what does this mean???

Proverbs tells us, “In their hearts humans
plan their course,
    but the Lord establishes
their steps.

We may think, “I can do this all by myself.”

And, we may be pretty good at what we do… But..

There is always a better way.  So… I would advise
you to always seek advice…

Proverbs also tells us,” Plans fail for lack of
counsel, but with many advisers they succeed.”

What this means is that we should always take
advice from our UPLINE…or someone who knows
more than us …or someone who’s “done it before”.

This sounds like simple advice but often we “know
what we’re doing…”

….Or think we do….

So,, my simple advice to you today is,,,,

Always run your plan by someone who’s
done what you’re trying to do.

Sometimes you may be on the leading edge
and there’s only you…. But that’s seldom the

Take this advice as you will… and always
be encouraged because you are DOING something!!

Never, Never, Never give up… Never give up!

Here is a youtube video of Dr. Wayne Dyer talking
about “Wishes Fulfilled”… enjoy…


Jerry and Diane

Call To Action – Empathy – Sept 18 2013

Call To Action – Empathy – Sept 18 2013

Why talk about EMPATHY in an Internet
Marketing Blog?

To give a little background on our WHY.
I’ll have to tell you a little story.

Diane and I started teaching a small
group at our church the first of Sept.

We’re teaching with another couple
from our church, and we’re teaching
a group of 8 young couples, some
married and some ready to get

Tonight we had everyone over to
our Home.  The class is called, “The

We actually had to turn people away
from the training….so many people want
the secret.

So, what specifically are we studying?

EMPATHY!!!!!   What is Empathy?

EMPATHY is the CAPACITY to see the world
accurately from your spouse’s perspective!

Well, we say SPOUSE, since we’re in a
Marriage seminar, but the definition is
actually, “the capacity to see the world
accurately from another’s perspective”.

How does this apply to Internet Marketing?

Well let me tell you… I got an email from
a friend last week…it was his birthday!  He said
he was really feeling empathic today and
wanted to help everyone become successful
in their Internet Marketing Business.  I thought
that was an awesome move… SOOOO,

Now I want to do the same thing… I’ve been
working hard to get everything set up and running.

Now I’m ready to share what I’ve learned.  It’s NOT
a SECRET.  It’s a simple step-by-step process that
works EVERY TIME is applied.  Not only can I share
this with you, I am actually going to GIVE you
my auto responder messages, help you get started
with your Aweber system, give you contacts for Solo Ads,
Hook you up with GoDaddy to get your private Domain
Name, Help you set up your Campaign names in
Aweber, Link your Empower Network to Aweber and
start you on the road to making money.

SO…. Let’s do it!!!


Good night for now.


Jerry and Diane