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Call To Action – Learn About Your System – Sept 9, 2013

Call To Action – Learn About Your System –  Sept 9, 2013

My point yesterday was to learn about the new system first:

  1. Learn about the system first:  What’s needed to make
    it work for you.   I mean EVERYTHING!  Don’t be
    surprised at the products you need and don’t be
    surprised at how much you might spend on YOUR
    new business, from tools to marketing.

Empower Network; specifically Dave Wood and Dave Sharpe have
some of the best capture pages on the market.  What makes them
so prolific??? Well, it’s got to be the content of the pages.  Dave
and Dave have captured “what it takes” to grab the interest of
the readers.  It certainly did grab my attention… I’m ALL IN!!!

So, now that we have the system, EMPOWER NETWORK, what
do we do?  I’m sure as you went through the entire presentation
of Empower Network, you were saying, “This is crazy!” All they
want is my money.  They keep “UP-SELLING” me on every Page.

I agree… I said that too.. but when I kept going, it only makes
sense.  Each “UP-SELL” is another product I have in my “product
list” to sell.  Each product brings in more of those 100%
commissions!…. 100% COMMISSIONS???? How can they
do that??

Well Dave and Dave are not dummies…. Their idea is to have a
system that pays affiliates enough to keep them active in the
system.  100% COMMISSIONS will do that.  Plus it allows the
affiliates to make lots of money, quickly!  That’s one reason I
like Empower Network.

The first product to purchase is the BLOGGING SYSTEM for $25/month!
$25/month???? Yes,,, that’s little to pay for one of the premier
blogging systems on the market.  The second expense you need to
have (MUST HAVE) is to join Empower Network as an affiliate.
The fee for this is $19.95/month.  So together, you’ll pay almost
$45/month for the system and the first product.  THAT WILL START YOU

Oh… did I say you need to learn everything you need to have in place???

YES I DID!!…. So next, before you do anything else, you need to have
your lead capture and auto response system in place.  That’s another
$19.95 monthly from Aweber.  This and your Empower Network
product and affiliate membership cost less than $65/month.  I’ve
been in some vitamin business’s that require you to have at least
a $100/month autoship… so this is great.

Yes… we also have other products in Empower Network that you will
LOVE and will make you lots of money too, but we’ll talk about them

Now that you have your Lead Capture system, Your Blogging system,
and your affiliate membership, you are ready.

Next, before placing any ads (and we’ll talk about that later too),
we need to make sure you have a few autoresponse emails set up in
Aweber and MAKE SURE you have your Empower Network lead
capture tied into the Aweber system so all your leads will be available
for autoresponse broadcasts.

While creating the emails, you’ll also need at least one email set
up for the first person to purchase your product.  This is so you
can welcome him into the business (YOUR TEAM)… OH, you might
want to consider what your TEAM NAME might be.

The great thing about Aweber is that you can SHARE campaigns.
There is some great training on that, so building an email
follow-up autoresponder is NO PROBLEM!

OK, I’m at almost 600 words now… but this is KEY…. Make sure
you have everything set up to respond to your leads as soon as
they sign up.  I didn’t do that so it’s why I’m putting so much
emphasis on it.  Build that FOUNDATION FIRST!!!




Call To Action – 50 Powerful Call To Action Phrases Aug 14, 2013

Call To Action – 50 Powerful Call To Action Phrases           Aug 14, 2013

Today will be my 25th Blog with lots to learn (still).  Last night I added another video to the YouTube ad and made a few changes to the WORDs in the Ad…. I used the word FREEDOM…. And the whole ad was rejected because I couldn’t use that word….. and that’s what “I’m ALL ABOUT”…. FREEDOM!!!   I’ll never stop using that word…. Except in a YouTube Ad, I suppose…. Touchy, touchy, touchy!

I changed that word tonight and resubmitted it….and Added another Call To Action Phrase to it.  Speaking of Call To Action Phrases, I was researching, listening to more webcast recordings and snooping the internet when I came across an article from Shoestring Marketing.  It sounded like something I would like (since I have a shoestring budget).  I read the article and it had a link to “50 POWERFUL CALL TO ACTION PHRASES”.  I love it… just what I needed so tonight I’m going to give you 5 of them.  Then maybe more each night so here goes…


  1. 1.      CLICK HERE.
  3. 3.      DOWNLOAD NOW.
  5. 5.      REPLY TODAY.

So what does it mean to have these words (powerful call to action phrases) in your blogs?  Well, TRAFFIC!!! That’s what we all want.

So as you are reading this blog I want you to CLICK HERE to join my EMAIL LIST.


Since I don’t have anything, YET, for folks to download, I’ll skip that for now.

REPLY TODAY and watch an important announcement about HOW TO MAKE MONEY WAYS TO MAKE MONEY.

That’s it for tonight. TRY IT FREE (tease for tomorrow).



Blog Daily-Market Daily-Listen to recordings Daily

Blog Daily-Market Daily-Listen to recordings Daily  

Today has been “one of those days”.  What do I mean by that?  Yard Work!  Fortunately my grandson mows the lawn, but we’re having the annual Home Owners Association ice cream social for all the school kids in the neighborhood to get together for Back To School.  It gives everyone a chance to meet the new folks in the neighborhood and especially give the kids a chance to meet the new kids.  BUT, what that means is that the yard and everything in the yard MUST BE IN PLACE!!!  Also have to go get more ice cream and balloons for tomorrow.  I was beat today… recovered in my hot tub for awhile, listening to more audios.

So what will we talk about tonight.  The Topic is “ Blog Daily-Market Daily-Listen to recordings Daily”.  That means EVERYDAY. So here it is again 11:20pm and I’m starting my Blog for the day.  I have however listened to audio and watched some video and made some changes to my marketing (AGAIN).  DAILY TWEEKING!

What did I change?  Have you ever heard of online advertising programs like ADHITS PROFITS, UTS Profits Ads, and Deserve profits?  Well these are three programs where you can sign up and place ads.  People who sign up are generally those who are in a business and are marketing it, but in some of these programs you must click on 10 ads daily.  When doing that you often see things that catch your eye.  THE MAGIC USE OF KEYWORDS!  The documentation on these sites say we’ll get a good number of clicks on your ad.  That’s what we want and the costs are fairly reasonable.

These sites ARE referral sites so if you’re interested in knowing more about these, I can certainly refer you.  Just give me a comment on this blog and I’ll contact you.

For tonight, this is it… as always go to my squeeze page just to take a look at www.njoyfreedom.com/

Also, I want to leave you with another video from Dave Wood.  It’s really good, so take the time to review it.  You can always learn something more from watching.  Click here to watchà http://tinyurl.com/kj84hem

OH yes!  I had about 7 more people click on LIKE for my Empower Network page, so I have more “messages “ to send tomorrow!


Well start here…. Check out this site for earning
Money from HOME blogging.

Check this LINK to read more of my blogs.

Check this LINK to watch videos of successful
people working from home….

Until then…


Jerry and Diane