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Taking New Territory- Part 5 (Passion vs Zeal)

churchill speech

YOU ASK WHAT IS OUR AIM???- W. Churchill

We’ve all heard we need Passion for what we’re

We’ve also read books like:
A Passion for Excellence
The Passion
The Passion Test
Find Your Passion
How Finding Your Passion Changes Everything
and there’s more….

However, in our small group leadership training
Miles Welch gave another picture of passion.

Anyone can be passionate…but only warriors live by zeal.


In fact he pointed out that:

+ Passion in the Bible (at least the NIV) is almost
always a bad thing…

+ Passion is good but lacks resolve.
+ Passion doesn’t last…lack metal…strength…commitment.
+ Passion rides the wave of emotion.
+ Passion is excitement….
+ Passion chases the wind wherever it goes.
+ Passion gets married.
+ Passion has a vision.
+ Passion wants to change the world…


I can just seem myself now… How many times havea

I been passionate about a business only to not have
success in it? Or should I have said “failed”.


On the other hand there’s Zeal.
+ Zeal is set in the will of a person.
+ Zeal is passion mixed with unwavering determination.
+ Zeal is committed.
+ Zeal rows hard in the same direction.
+ Zeal stays married.
+ Zeal has the strength to fulfill the vision.
+ Zeal is willing to work long hours with limited
affirmation for years to actually change the world…..


Yesterday we talked about Hunger and how it drives us
to accomplish great things.


Hunger moves us from being passionate about many things
to being zealous for a few things.

We can be passionate about all kinds of things…
We can only be zealous for a few things…


Anyone can be passionate…but only warriors live by zeal.


We should all begin to analyze where we are lacking in Zeal?
We should KNOW God wants us to take new territory …

So… as we look at our Passion or Zeal for our business,
can we honestly say we have the Zeal it takes for true
success; or is it just a temporary passion?

Zeal is COMMITTED, so let’s make a firm commitment

Have a PLAN, but Listen to God, Listen to our leaders
and DO what needs to be done, with ZEAL!

And as Winston Churchill once said:(With ZEAL)

“You ask, what is our aim? I can answer in
one word: Victory. Victory at all costs—
Victory in spite of all terror—
Victory, however long and hard the
road may be, for without victory
there is no survival.”

How does this make you feel?

Are you excited with Passion or with Zeal?

We’ll see in the end….

So…to learn more about our opportunity click
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Jerry and Diane