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Let me tell you a story!


Before we get started with the blog,
let me tell you a story.

Once upon a time, there was a man
who thought he loved what he did.

He did all the right things, like going
to school to get a good education.

This is what his mentors told him to do.

Then he got a good JOB (he thought)
and was really enjoying what he was
taught to do in college.

Then all of a sudden things started to change.

He kept being promoted in his job (which
seems a good thing), but he soon got away
from what he really enjoyed in his work.

Eventually he lost touch with his past and
was into a more political environment on the
JOB…. He couldn’t do what he knew he wanted
to do….he had to do what was politically correct
for the BOSS….. not what was best for the

After 30 years, now in his 50’s, he couldn’t
take it anymore…. He needed a change!

So he took early retirement and then started
a new career, doing things he loved.

It wasn’t instant success and enjoyment,
but he was doing what HE wanted to do.

Working from home, using the computer,
learning to market online, working the
hours he wanted to work.  Doing the things
he wanted to do….

Life has become so much better for him and
his stress level dropped dramatically.

He began studying Nutrition for Better Health,
and continued learning how to Market ONLINE.

I could say he lived happily ever after…. BUT
it’s not over!!!

This is what I want you to see…

There are 4 types of people..

  1. Those who are INTO THE MONEY.. sort of like
    Jerry McGuire….—SHOW ME THE MONEY!
  2. Those who are timid or shy who love
    working with computers and not so much
    with people…..
  3. Those who love to PARTY… who are not
    so much into the MONEY,,,, but they get
    their kicks by partying and having fun with
  4. Those who just love helping others. They too
    are not so much into the MONEY, BUT they
    dearly LOVE helping others.  They will give
    up time and money to help others.  That’s
    where they get their enjoyment.

Each of us are dominate in one of these four areas and
we all have a portion of maybe all the other three.

The main point is there is an opportunity for each of us to

YOU can make LOTS of money from home, YOU can help others
and still make money from home, YOU can  party and still make
money from home, and YOU can work on your computer, do research
learn details of marketing without calling our friends
and neighbors about our new opportunity AND still make
lots of MONEY from home.

Isn’t that what you want?


That’s what it meant to me… Freedom!

That’s why Diane and I call our Business NJoyFreedom!

We’re enjoying what we’re doing… NJoying Life….
NJoying Freedom… NJoying time with each other
AND our families…


Just go to our website… spend some time there,
do your research…. Then let us know what you
want to do…

You can join us as a customer for FREE.
You can join us as a customer and get more
CASH BACK from your online purchase for a small fee.
You can join us as a Business Associate and make money
off team Online Purchases and CASHBACK.

Just let us know what you like about what you see.


YOU’LL be glad you did.


Jerry and Diane

Best Western Plus Shore Cliff Lodge

Party’s Over—Time To Get Back To The JOB!!!

Party’s Over—Time To Get Back To The JOB!!!


Yes, It’s been a fabulous weekend here in California…

We went to DisneyLand and when we got home we
celebrated my daughter’s birthday today by opening
gifts, going out to eat and then going to see
Night At The Museum 3…

It had a wonderful tribute Robin Williams and Mickey
Rooney… very sad that they have gone.

It’s only 6:30 here in CA but I’m about to get into the
HotTub….. I need that ….

The grandkids here in CA are going back to school
tomorrow and things are going to start getting back
to NORMAL…..

What is NORMAL for you….???

Off to the JOB early in the morning???

Aren’t you glad you get to go back to work????

You get to spend you entire day doing what the BOSS
tells you to do…. Even though you may not agree with
the BOSS ,,,, you still have to do what they say…

Why not take some time and look over an opportunity
BUT when you feel like working….

You can also work in your PJ’s, or boxers….

You can sip on coffee or tea all day… get more when
you want….

Just think….FREEDOM…. and INCOME… You can
have both…

Take a few minutes to review this video…
I think you’ll love what you see…

Click Here to watch this short video.

Join us in 2015 and make it the best year ever.

AND…. stay at home tomorrow and every other
day and enjoy your new found freedom.

what are you wating for

Jerry and Diane