Step ONE of FIVE to Making Your Dreams Come True

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First of Five Insights for Winning Under Pressure

“In this godless world, you will experience difficulty.” John 16:33

All of us know that living in this crazy world we will
have problems and issues come into our lives that
we would ordinarily not want to have.

That’s LIFE!!!

Saying that reminds me of an old Frank Sinatra
tune, “That’s Life”…

I know this kinda ages me,  but here’s the link to
that song.

Listen to these lyrics…. It reminds me of our
online business life….

There WILL be ups and downs…but mostly UP’S..

That’s what’s so exciting about it…ALWAYS have
new and exciting ways to market, reach out to
people and build relationships.

That’s LIFE…the Online way!!!

Sunday our service was about “Winning Under Pressure”.

The pastor started with the above scripture, John 16:33 and
finished with the remainder of that thought…

John 16:34 says, “But take heart! I have
overcome the world.”

I want to get across to you that you should
“TAKE HEART”….. because you CAN overcome
these difficulties and “Win Under Pressure”.

That’s it… just put that in your notebook and learn
this truth…. You must continue to take action.

With Dr. Wayne Dyer’s recent death, I’ve been watching
a lot of his videos from his web site…

One thing stands out in all his talks….

Our Greatest Teachings come from adversity!

Keeping that in mind… Know that you’re going
to Win Under Pressure….. by keeping on keeping on.

Join me tomorrow for the second Insight into Winning
Under Pressure.


Jerry and Diane